Role Models positive female role models in the foundry sector

Inspiring stories As role models will be used the most innovative female and change agents in the partners countries. By using real women, that meet specific challenges in their work within the foundries, the elaborated models will provide easy understandable, very practical and well-organized structure of the components of their work, and clear picture on what set of skills are important and needed to be improved to ensure the success and sustainability of their jobs.

Will be launched on 30th of September 2020

Digital Toolkit

Digital Toolkit for VET trainers and youth career facilitators: a comprehensive career guidance package of resources and training material to empower VET trainers, counsellors and career guidance facilitators to find the right kind of information that will benefit their female students by breaking gender stereotypes and facilitating women’s career planning to entry into the foundry market.

Will be launched on 30th of September 2020